Postcode City Sector Map - Winchester
Postocde City Sector Map Winchester - Colour

Postcode City Sector Map - Winchester

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The Postcode City Sector Map of Winchester is an A0 wall map which displays the sector postcodes centred on Winchester. The 1:20000 scale district mapping provides great detail for control rooms and offices. The Winchester Postcode City Sector Map measures 841mm x 1189mm (A0 Landscape) and is supplied in a reusable plastic poster tube.

This map is available in two styles, colour or greyscale and is also available in a number of paper finishes.

  • 1:20000 scale district mapping centred on the City of Winchester
  • Map Size: 841mm x 1189mm (A0 Landscape)
  • Available in paper, face laminated or encapsulated format
  • Prices from £22.50 per copy

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