New Postcode District & Road Maps - Now Released!

Posted by UKWM on 1/11/2018 to News
UK Wall Maps are pleased to announce the release of our updated Postcode District and our Road Map series of maps!

New Map Frames

We've also taken this opportunity to make some adjustments to maps:
  • The Maps for both series are all now the same size 1400mm x 1000mm - making it easier to plan out the wall space you need for two, three or a full set!
  • The mapping data (Ordnance Survey Road Map 1:250,000 Scale) has been updated to the latest edition produced by OS.
  • As we've increased the size of most of the maps, the areas have adjusted so you now get more area for the same money as the old-style maps!

Folded Maps

Both map series' are now available to purchase as Folded Maps. We are sure the Folded Road Maps and the Folded Postcode District maps will prove useful for planning holiday adventures but will be equally useful as business tools on the road. The folded versions of the maps are printed on a light-weight paper which is easy to fold, but which holds the ink and detail just as well as our heavier weight paper. These will be ideal size for storing in the glove box of your vehicle and are great for use out on the road. These can be bought individually through each of the product pages or as a whole series just like the flat, wall map versions.

Styles & Finishes

As always, we have the usual array of map styles and paper finishes on offer for these series. We think you'll like the new maps, if you have any questions or feedback please get in touch.